Cornerstone SRI Financial Investing Conference

March 14 - 17 at Kiawah Island in South Carolina

A Conference for Socially Responsible Investing

Investing money has always concerned those who want to be financially responsible. Now, more than ever, investing one’s money is a social responsibility as well.

Factors that affect SRI:

International news – wars, peace agreements, emerging conflicts between nations, and any major decisions made by the leaders of countries

National news – government decisions and changes, announcements by financial leaders (both government and private), banking and interest rates, and accidents

Regional or local news – in some cases, events that occur in one city can have a "ripple effect" on the international stock scene. For example, when Tylenol, an over-the-counter drug produced in the U. S., was found to be contaminated in a Chicago suburb, stock prices for pharmaceutical products of all kinds plummeted.

Even offhand comments made by high-profile leaders in a given region or locality can influence the stock market in that region and beyond. Such comments are likely to be important to the ethically conscious investor.

This conference is a community based project for SRI - Socially Responsible Investing.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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